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VR 51 - Rigging and Animation

I did a VR game project in 5th sem where I was responsible for creating rig and animation. For performance capture, I used 10 PS3 cameras and IPi studio for body animation as well as Faceware for facial animation. Furthermore, I did motion editing in Motion Builder and created cinematic in Unreal Engine. I also did dialogue writing (together with my teammates), animation staging and acting. My teammate, Marco Serrao helped me to set up cameras, directed during shootings, and also acted for alien.
Responsibility of team mates:
Utkarsh Agnihotri: Alien Character Rigging, Motion Capture, Cinematic setup, Animation Data cleaning and Editing
Marina Bade: Story Developement, Unreal Engine Environment setup, VR setup
Jonas Hassibi: Original Pitch, Concept, Story Development, Character Developement, Game Design
Marco Serrao: Alien Character ( Modeling, Texturing, Shading), Dialogues, Motion Capture,

Utkarsh Agnihotri VR51 demowreel

GoPro Head Cam and Faceware setup

GoPro Head Cam and Faceware setup

PS3 Camera setup and Ipi Studio motion capture

VR 51