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Mycelium - mGear Game rigging

I worked on this project as a character rigger and project manager. As a character rigger, I learned mGear and created two rigs, mechanical and creature. mGear is a really handy tool for fast prototyping and finalizing assets. I was able to focus on designing the rig using its modular workflow. With the help of custom steps, I also learned to automate changing hierarchy, adding custom rigs,importing/exporting skins and creating anim picker. I would like to thank my team for making this project happen quickly :).
MHD Tarek Zaytouneh: Character Artist, Project Pitcher
David Seul: Unreal Developer
Omar Qandeel: Animator

Unreal Game Play

Brute rig during Dying Animation

mGear rigging breakdown

Skull Crusher rig during Dying Animation

Skull Crusher - Wheel Rigging

Skull Crusher - Mechanical Vibration

Skull Crusher - Chainsaw rigging