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I worked on a 3D animation short called Garbage as 3D Generalist.It was a 6th semester project and story is set in year 2028. It is focused on the issue of garbage management and its consequences in the cities. It revolves around a garbage man and his vacuum robot friend who cleans a street as his daily routine and keep the last plant of the street alive. In the project, I was responsible for the following tasks:
Garbage man : Modeling, UV/Texturing, Rigging
Vacuum Robot : Rigging
Simulation: Cloth and broom sweeping
Others: Asset Modelling, UV/ Texturing
Concept and Animation by : Alissa Khallas
Shading and Rendering by : Lea Schliebusch
Soundtrack from The Legend of Korra:

Garbage animation short film - 3D Generalist show reel

Cartoony character rig- Garbageman

Garbageman sweeping

Vaccum robot rig